AA & Al-Anon Meeting Information for Lexington, NC
and other parts of Davidson County North Carolina

Welcome to the local AA Website for DAVIDSON COUNTY North Carolina.
This site contains CONTACT INFORMATION as well as Alcoholics Anonymous
MEETING INFORMATION for Lexington, NC and other towns in Davidson County.

Davidson NC AA Information
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Lexington, NC AA Meeting Information
Davidson County North Carolina Alcoholics Anonymous

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To speak to someone about your drinking or for more information about Alcoholics Anonymous,
call 336-249-6636 (Davidson County AA Hotline)
for a list of local area AA contact numbers.
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AA & Al-Anon
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Abbotts Creek, Alleghany, Arcadia, Boone, Conrad Hill, Cotton Grove, Emmons, Hampton, Healing Spring, Jackson Hill, Lexington, Midway, Reedy Creek, Silver Hill, Thomasville and Tyro
In the event of an alcohol/alcoholism related emergency, please call 911 for immediate assistance
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